Top 7 Things To Consider Regarding Cheryl’s ‘I Don’t Care’

1. Relief! She isn’t trend-chasing. ‘I Don’t Care’ goes back to the Girls Aloud roots of pure feel-good pop. It’s always a worry with Cheryl Fernando-Versini, who often seems to think of herself as the next Mary J Blige, as whilst she delivers decent RnB, it’s pop that she excels in. Hence why ‘A Million Lights’ was her first effort to succeed in being thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and, by no coincidence, was also the first to drop the faux-urban vibes that littered her first two records.

2. Cheryl Fernandez-Versace doesn’t have the best voice. Neither does Kylie. Or Madonna. She gets past it though and has a fair bit of character to her delivery which is more than enough. The power often comes through the tune itself rather than Chez.  Now please excuse me whilst I regret comparing Cheryl to Ciccone.

3. She says a rude. An expletive. She is a bad influence. She is so naughty. She is a rebel. She is trying too hard. She is a chav. She is embarrassing. Yep, Cheryl Ferdinand-Versini makes the social faux-pas of heiling Hitler over a choir chanting the ‘C’ word during the chorus. What? I’m misinformed? She merely says the F word? What a letdown.

4. She does actually say the lyric ‘It feels so f*cking good to say I swear’ but calm down mum! She isn’t condoning her foul mouth. Much. If you carry on listening for another two seconds, she means it feels so good to say that she swears….that she doesn’t care. I much prefer the former though, don’t you? She’s finally admitted that she likes to eff and blind. She’s finally got that out of her system.

5. The video is boring and was probably shot in 5mins after Judges’ Houses wrapped up on the X Factor. She waves her arms around a bit. The highlight is at 2:45 where, if you close your eyes, you can clearly see Cheryl throwing copies of Insatiable into the sea.

6. It’s a tried-and-tested grower. It was decent on first listen. Standout B-side material. It’s now at the last-album-campaign single level. I’m just about to listen to it again though. A lot like when Cheryl climbed up that mountain, it feels like it’s never going to stop getting better.

7. It probably will stop getting better though. It isn’t the most groundbreaking piece of material ever released but it has a spunky, exciting and care-free tendency that has been missing from Cheryl’s public profile for sometime. Like Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’, ‘I Don’t Care’ relies heavily on it’s titular chant-along refrain and, given the right response, it could become an addictive love-it-or-hate-it-but-sing-it-anyway type of tune.

8. She also says ‘Sh*t’ in the verse. Hehehehehehehehe.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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