The Top Five Moments Of Brilliance In Donatan & Cleo’s ‘Ten Czas’

Donatan & Cleo must be the Polish equivalent of Beyoncé and Jay-Z or something (minus the baby and marriage) – their follow-up to Eurovision smash ‘My Słowianie’ aka ‘Slavic Girls’ aka ‘We Are Slavic’ aka ‘Look Away Now Grandma, The Polish Entry Is Coming On’ has already garnered a commendable amount of plays in it’s pre-video early days. And have you SEEN the amount of Facebook likes the pair have? Taking a little break from the folk influences, ‘Ten Czas’ focuses around a gorgeous classical soundscape. Shh, Simon, you’re already ruining number one. 🙁

1. Incase you missed it in the last paragraph, Donatan and Cleo are ‘taking a little break from the folk influences’ as ‘Ten Czas’ ‘focuses around a gorgeous classical soundscape’. Now we’re all up to date,  the best part about Donatan’s production is the clarity of the  emotive and nostalgic instrumental. It is late 90s hip-hop to the core.

2. Kamil Bednarek provides a nice antithesis to Cleo. He is frantic and has the skill of effortlessness that the best rappers possess. As Cleo offers a more sedate delivery, echoing the vibe of the track – Kamil brings a nice injection of energy.

3. Cleo, meanwhile, is a glorious antithesis to Kamil. Her rasp is as gorgeous as ever and sounds even more clear and passionate over a slower track. Those focusing more on ‘We Are Slavic”s backing dancers may not have appreciated Cleo’s commanding vocals. She was easily one of the most recognisable vocalists at Eurovision this year.

4. The songwriting prowess is evidenced yet again. I can’t speak a word of Polish but this song makes me want to utter some throaty mumbles  just so I can join in with Cleo. The chorus is strong – it has to be, to lure in any foreign listeners who can’t necessarily grasp onto the lyrics – as is the jaunty bridge that welcomes it in.

5. A few plays and you’ll already be familiar with the stunning refrain. Cleo’s soaring voice, the strings sounding elegant and sharp – thankfully in it’s just-under-four minutes, we do get the hook thrown at us a couple of times.  Now excuse me whilst I mumble along and pretend to be slavic.

Words: Simon McMurdo

Signed limited editions of the upcoming album ‘Hiper / Chimera’ is available here for those with a gift for translating Polish.


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