The Top 6 Moments Of Brilliance In Madonna’s ‘Living For Love’

1. This is not a drill. There are gospel vibes at the end. I want to make a clever Like A Prayer remark but I’m too excited to formulate.

2. You know how Madonna was always leading the way in music and starting the trends that everyone else followed? Well she isn’t doing that anymore. Instead she is tackling the sound of the moment and, whilst MDNA attempted the same thing and paled into the musical climate, ‘Living for Love’ is a bit Rudimental, a bit Disclosure and a bit Madonna. It feels like it’s the answer to the question ‘what would old school, classic Madonna sound like if she was releasing music today?’.

3. You can criticise Madonna all you like for not being the artist she used to be, blah blah etc etc. What this woman does might not be as groundbreaking as her earlier work but whilst age tames the drive in most people and sees them retire to a life of bi-annual best-of compilations shoved out in time for Mothers Day, Madonna arrives every era with an unquenchable enthusiasm. The fact that her records are still internationally anticipated is testament to the way Madonna is a true musical legend.

4. The lyrics are quite tame for a Madonna comeback. As the title suggests, it’s an  anthem all about love and loving and being loved and having love and….look, there will probably be plenty of controversy on the record so let’s enjoy the calm before the storm, alright?

5. What is empowering about this tune is the chorus – the reason I made that Rudimental comparison earlier was because of the piano refrain that feels euphoric and revitalising and destined for a life, under various remixed guises, in the clubs.

6. The absolute defining moment of the whole track has to be the stripped-back post-chorus, though and nails that bit that most artists struggle with when attempting a dance track – adding their own USP, flavour and style to it. That moment, of the entirety of ‘Living For Love’, is the true Madonna moment. It isn’t just a ‘Hooray, she’s back’, it’s a genuine feel that what really is back is the iconic Madonna we have been pining for since Confessions On A Dancefloor.


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