Ten Albums To Look Forward To In 2015

1. Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep (19/1/15)
Be on high alert – this drops TOMORROW! Enter Shikari look set to deliver another full-throttle politically motivated attack with their new record if the singles are anything to go by. Need I remind you that The Last Garrison topped my personal list of songs from 2014 – hopefully it’s only a taster of what it’s parent record has in store.

2. Indiana – No Romeo (3/2/15)
This is no speculation – I’ve heard this one and it is definitely worth the wait. In a nutshell; Scandinavian pop done by a gorgeously talented Brit over a hefty 19 tracks (on the deluxe) without letting the quality drop once. Full review coming closer to the time but until then…be very excited.

3. Bim – Two (03/15)
Bim are tragically underrated which also makes them our little indie secret. Pulling off stunning, emotive arrangements that eclipse their peers – ‘Two’ continues in the same vein as their previous material but crafts it into a cohesive bundle that shows them at their best yet. Keep a listen out for Tim, too, who shines throughout but never more so than on the beautiful opening track ‘Don’t Look’.

4. VV Brown – TBA (03/15)
Apparently unaware of the incredible pop genius she became with ‘Samson & Delilah’, VV casually mentioned on Twitter that she’ll be popping out a new record in JUST TWO MONTHS TIME. Little is known about it except it is 99% guaranteed brilliance if the previous opus was anything to go by. We can also dance to it, according to VV, so expecting a record of ‘I Can Give You More’s isn’t entirely out of the question. Hooray!

5. Madonna – Rebel Heart (09/03/15)
There is something mesmerizing about a musical legend launching a new campaign. Even at it’s worst, ‘Rebel Heart’ will sell a shedload and garner more headlines than your faves. ‘Living For Love’ is a great lead single too, but lend an ear to ‘Ghosttown’ to kickstart the anticipation.

6. Marina & The Diamonds – Froot (03/04/15)
Marina may think she has invented instant-grat tracks with her ‘Froot’ campaign, but we are all too busy enjoying the consistently flawless material she shoves out to bother complaining. Those fearing she’d go for a more commercial, sell-out sound will be pleased with the melancholic funk of the title track and the true Marina vibes of ‘Immortal’ which harks back to ‘Numb’ from her debut – poignant lyrics and an emotional focus pulled off without the cringe.

7. Halestorm – Into The Wild Life (03/04/15)
What stood out most about Halestorm’s press release for Into The Wild Life is their pride that they haven’t changed. It’s a refreshing change – instead of worrying fans by highlighting how much they have changed since their breakthrough on ‘The Strange Case Of…’, Lzzy and the boys have done the opposite and stuck with a winning formula. The truth is, gutsy rock and roll is what you want from a Halestorm record and, three albums in, we’re far from sick of it yet. Feel free to save the drastic genre change for a few years, guys.

8. Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful (30/04/14)
Here is a true testament to an incredible band – we know next-to-nothing about ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’. Not heard the single, not heard any snippets, no tracks premiered live….but with the prowess of the defiant Floor Jansen and the flawless talent that is Mr. Tuomas Holopainen, this record will be a metal event not to be missed, just like every Nightwish album before it.

9. Fifth Harmony – Reflection (03/02/15)
It’s hard to believe that this will be the debut album by the Fifth Harmony girls but, having proved consistently that they are a mighty pop force, they have certainly given the big boss, Simon Cowell, reason to invest in a full length. ‘Sledgehammer’ was a quality tune and was deservedly well received, but it’s the sassy ‘Bo$$’ that really set them up to be a potentially enormous entity.

10. Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho (19/01/15)
Another one that will fall into your lap tomorrow, Fall Out Boy have continued their rise from punk pop poster boys to future legends of rock, as displayed in the epic ‘Centuries’ leading the ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ campaign. How? By opening up their horizons, broadening their sound and holding onto their trump card – their inimitable unbeatable songwriting which is not only catchy and instant, but manages to stand the test of time too.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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