Single Review: YADi – Creatures

Photo: Josh Shinner

Yadi is skirting on the peripheries of mainstream success. Radio one have given her a nod or two, her music does the rounds on the blogs quite often and her name and Facebook likes are getting bigger by the day. The one thing we can expect before listening to ‘Creatures’ is the gorgeous Yadi tone, a slight rasp to her delivery and a voice that feeds from passion and emotion. But that’s it. Everything else is quite unexpected, indeed. ‘Creatures’ is the taste of a Yadi unheard.

As is the case with Yadi, nothing is ever simple or boring – the hook unites melancholy with euphoria as the infectious ‘oh-oh-oh-oh’ play with the dynamics of the vocals, flitting up and down incessantly, reflecting the quirky textures of the song itself. It might sound pretty accessible, and it is, but it does have these layers of sound that make it rewarding listen after listen. The pure positivity that sneaks through in moments of the song is what sets ‘Creatures’ apart from Yadi’s other, moodier material. It still has the strong atmosphere and punchy kick that has coloured her previous tracks but it’s bringing something new and fresh to the table, assuring you that a full length record would be quite the sonic adventure.

The soundscapes behind Yadi’s vocals are a collage of effects and vibes, setting a unique backdrop. Marina and the Diamonds styled keys flavour the perky, spunky pop whilst a reggae touch slaps away any easy comparisons. Save also for the middle eight where Yadi puts on her swag and delivers an attitude-soaked performance that sits nicely alongside the hip-hop touch to the verses. It all comes to a head with some gorgeous, subtle strings lacing the final rendition of the chorus. Which, you will be happy to hear, is fit for sing-a-longs by the second or third rendition.

All in all, it’s the most instant track Yadi has produced thus far. It brings a new side of her to the fore and shows the bravery in her music. Forget the rules, forget your expectations and enjoy the blissful experimentation that Hannah Yadi has built her career upon. Even more exciting? It’s not elitist. It’s not hard to enjoy. It’s cool, it’s left-field but it’s catchy and charming without any pretence. Not only is she going to be huge amongst the tastemakers and indie crowd, she has all the potential to make it as the next big commercial alt-popstar.

Photo: Josh Shinner
Words: Simon McMurdo


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