Single Review: V V Brown – The Apple


If you didn’t like ‘Samson’, don’t give up on V V yet. ‘The Apple’ is her next taster from upcoming record ‘Samson and Delilah’ and it is a perfect transition piece from old Vanessa into the new. Firstly, it’s a lot more pop than it’s predecessor and it’s a lot more accessible. Whilst ‘Samson’ delved deep into the pits of goth-pop, ‘The Apple’ builds itself around an electronic iamamiwhoami-styled instrumental – quirky, unique but not quite as insane as you might expect. It is a proper ‘single’, if you will – whilst ‘Samson’ was a gateway into the project, ‘The Apple’ is a gateway into the music.

In pop, it all comes down to the defining moments. This one finds it’s highlight during the key change halfway through the chorus. It’s when the instrumental gets fat and heaving with electro ambience and power. It’s a lot more thought out than your everyday Westlife keychange and it’s utterly divine – thank the lord that it’s in the chorus, as it’ll be coming your way again, one verse later. There is an element of euphoria to the moment to that conjures a 90’s feel to it. Dare I say, I feel a bit of the moodier Ace of Base to the hook. Now you’re interested, aren’t you?

In the refrain V V sounds commanding and fraught and it lends itself to the lyrics beautifully but her vocals don’t sound as intense as ‘Samson’, mainly because they don’t have to. She’s still marketing that deeper huskier tone and it works wonders – it may have been quite divisive amongst listeners so far, but it really does compliment the atmospheres she’s evoking.

What ‘The Apple’ offers that ‘Samson’ lacked is a pop sensibility. Sure, I went on a bit about the huge chorus, but ‘The Apple’ brings forth a massive crescendo that will be charming to casual radio listeners as well as the indie-clan she’s been amassing since the campaign began. This tune perfectly straddles the line between commercial and underground – it feels gritty and doesn’t have a pristine shimmer, mainly thanks to the raw vocals, but it does have that hook and an electro oomph to force it’s way through the gripping atmosphere. It proves that, despite delving into darker territories, V V is more than happy to utilize her mesmerizing songwriting skills and put her best foot forward – ‘The Apple’ might not be as much of a game-changer as ‘Samson’, but it packs a splendid punch and is much more able to be that crossover tune that brings aboard the casual record buying public whilst pleasing the loyal fans that have already noticed something incredibly special about the, currently flaw-free, ‘Samson and Delilah’ era.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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