Single Review: The Saturdays – Disco Love


Dear Heavenly Father, please let this song be good. ’30 Days’ was a near-death experience for their career, but I genuinely believe they’re sorry. Plus, they did get that number one didn’t they? And ‘Gentleman’ was critically acclaimed (by Popjustice), so it wouldn’t be too much to ask for at least a few more albums, right? Right? The Saturdays have been the cause of one too many sleepless nights in the music biz. Constantly erring on the edge of massive stardom, they never quite manage it. They have been relying on Una’s Irish luck a little bit too often and, determined not to go down the same route as Clea, Girls@Play and Wonderland, have made the wise move to crank up the amazing knob a few notches.

It’s a pretty linear journey from ‘Gentleman’ to ‘Disco Love’. The Saturdays are continuing in their search for uniqueness. It’s a little strange to consider that the trend-following sheep that is ‘What About Us’ will sit alongside the distinctive tunes that followed it. ‘Disco Love’ will get some comparisons, it’s easy marketing, but very few of them will be from artists charting today and that is special. I’m pleasantly surprised to say that it works with a disco vibe that is much more rollerskating disco than thinly veiled modern dance music; it would be very wrong to call it mid-tempo, but it’s not as upbeat as you might expect. Basically, it’s not ‘Hush Hush; Hush Hush’ by the dearly departed Pussycat Dolls. Make of that what you will.

How can I review a pop song without commenting on the chorus, eh? Well, I can’t. The chorus is very very good. Like most of their singles, ‘Disco Love’ is a song built around a stunning hook that will get stuck in your head. Their other trump card, previously played in their last single, is their cultural references. Yep, The Sats are dishing out their opinions on Bush’s lengthy rule of the US and questioning whether the Pope has any relevance in the modern world. No, ofcourse not, they are making Britney references (!!!) and, let’s agree, that’s a much better selling point.

Some things never change though – Vanessa hammers the chorus out, as well as any high notes that need to be tackled. Like a lot of their songs, it also gives you a nice warm feeling inside on the first few plays, becomes the best song you’ve ever heard a few plays later and ends up, in the end, being quite a good pop track. It’s hard to get massively OTT with The Saturdays – they aren’t pulling any Girls Aloud type mania out of the bag just yet, but with every single release, they become much more fully formed and ready to tackle a sound of their own. ‘Disco Love’ is fresh, exciting and leap along the path of progression. With a discography as strong as theirs, chart positions really don’t matter – it may have taken them a while but they are on the way to pop gem status slowly but surely.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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