Single Review: The Saturdays – All Fired Up

Photo: Ian Barlett

Debuting their latest single ‘All Fired Up’ on Radio One, The Saturdays have now opened the floodgates of public opinion on what has become a new sound for the group. Arguably the most successful girlband in the UK at the moment, (sorry, SoundGirl!) interest was understandably rife for the second single from the bands fourth opus. Expectations were pushed higher when it was revealed that the highly regarded Xenomania had put their magical touch to the tune and respected music journalist Peter Robinson of Popjustice had marked it as their most promising single since ‘Up’. So far, so good.

The track channels the current dance craze that is setting the chart alight and lies in the vain of Ke$ha and recent chart toppers LMFAO and is an easy and natural evolution from the stylings of last single ‘Notorious’. The latter may have retained some pop sensibilities, but they shed them for ‘All Fired Up’ which is a fully charged assault on both the charts and the clubs.

The hooks come in fast and fierce as do the beats with each girl grabbing a solo. These chances to shine, however, seem to bring one of the tracks main problems to the fore – the girls’ voices seem to lose their individuality that was rife throughout their back catalogue with many online forums featuring huge fans meeting a struggle to differentiate between the performances.

It’s also been thrown up for discussion that the girls are abandoning their pop roots, a genre they have carved their name into over the span of their career so far and whilst ‘All Fired Up’ steers them in a new direction, it’s worth considering that the girls, like any other artist, have to develop  sound wise. Additionally, the state of pop itself seems to be steering towards dance and the two genres are used interchangeably in recent years with Britney and Lady GaGa both providing heavy dance influences in their music. In many ways, the dance pop fusion is what pop itself has become.

It’ll be interesting to see how well ‘All Fired Up’ fares. The track has already divided opinions amongst fans but the future will tell whether the unimpressed supporters will be replaced with a mass of interest from the general public. Personally, it feels that ‘All Fired Up’ has the potential to either become a massive success, adapting easily to the current musical climate, or a track that fails to connect with an audience that have come to expect something different from The Saturdays. Only time will tell.

Photo: Ian Barlett
Words: Simon McMurdo


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