Single Review: The Saturdays – 30 Days

Photo: Ian Bartlett

After the whimper of a chart position scooped up by their last single and album, many were left pondering what might happen to The Saturdays. The rumoured split resurfaced, as it does and will eight times per annum, the potential of the label dropping the girls grew into a believable prediction and Una’s pregnancy teamed with Frankie’s absence threw the heinous idea of dismissing a member into the mix. Thankfully, the girls went with option D: release an incredible comeback single.

I use the term comeback very loosely as since The Saturdays began their career, they’ve been an omnipresent force in the pop world. This comeback isn’t a return from an absence, but a return from the grave many had prematurely chucked them into.

’30 Days’ sits alongside the ‘On Your Radar’ material perfectly so potential of a re-release looks like it may be on the cards. Musically, the producers have been taking notes from Alexandra Stan’s monster of a club hit ‘Mr. Saxobeat’ but bringing a little chart appeal to it.  The chorus is an uplifting, majestic affair that contains an ‘oah-oh-oah’ that could potentially define them. The girls’ main charm is their ability to straddle the line between club-anthem and radio friendly without difficulty and ’30 Days’ is a track that, given pushes in the right direction, should have no problem infecting the masses on both fields.

Some of the lyrics are a little saccharine-coated (‘Need a magician to make time disappear’) and the style is pretty far from their standout singles ‘Higher’ and ‘Ego’, but ’30 Days’ takes the current LMFAO induced dance invasion and brings a pop sensibility to it. It is dance-pop and it does dance-pop well; there’s not much more you can ask from a Saturdays song other than that and perhaps if we give the girls the number one that they criminally have been denied, it might alter Girls Aloud’s priorities from watching Kimberly star in Shrek, to fighting off the competition. Lets be honest, we can never have too many girlbands can we? Now all we need is a ruse to get the original Pussycat Dolls back together…


Photo: Ian Bartlett
Words: Simon McMurdo


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