Single Review: Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang

Photo: Christie Goodwin

Nicole Scherzinger is just like her surname – she takes some getting used to. In The Pussycat Dolls it almost felt wrong to like her as she insisted she was hotter than us all  but her charms became pretty alluring over time. Similarly, a few cries of ‘who is she?’ rang out when she began making a name for herself on The X Factor franchise, but with ‘Poison’ and ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, she became a household name as much for her music as for her TV work. But mainly for her TV work, let’s be honest.

‘Boomerang’ comes as the first offering from her second venture, following the reasonably successful pop-athon ‘Killer Love’ and it does feel like it’s a healthy growth from her previous work. It is current, in the way that much of her debut solo record was current at the time (check out those GaGa-inspired RedOne hookups for proof). Nicole has an incredible voice and she delivers this song with such power on record – looking at her track record, she’ll also be more than capable to belt it out live too, so it’s been given a good host.

Despite my negativity here, ‘Boomerang’ will be a hit, it’s a monster of a tune. I have to admit though, it does feel  that ‘Boomerang’ is a force in itself. It could have been performed by many female popstars – it does have a slight Nicole touch to the ‘oh-oh’s in the chorus, but had it been given to most other vocalists, ie. Rihanna – even she could have added her own flavour (probably by adding a cheeky Boomerang innuendo). It’s not necessarily a bad thing and, as I said, the song is definitely in capable hands, it just doesn’t feel like a song that foresees Nicole as a future legend – rather, it places her as someone that is quite happy with that reasonable success she has acquired to date.

‘Boomerang’ can be filed next to tunes like Jessie J’s ‘Domino’ and ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas as I’m confident it’ll tread a similar path. Whilst being a pretty good song, it will strike you as amazing on the first few listens, your love for it will the blossom and grow for a few days or even weeks and then the clubs and radios will sabotage your relationship with ‘Boomerang’ thanks to the bittersweet overkill technique. A few years later, you’ll look back and think of the good times you had with ‘Boomerang’ but it’s probably best you don’t see things as a long term commitment and enjoy the spontaneity. If nothing else, it’s also a brilliant title for a pop song isn’t it? ‘Boomerang’.


Photo: Christie Goodwin
Words: Simon McMurdo


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