Single Review: Nicola Roberts – Lucky Day

Photo: Fabulous Magazine

Continuing in the footsteps of her debut, Nicola Roberts pulls out all the stops for single number two, ‘Lucky Day’ – another foray into euphoric electro pop with a distinctly British edge. Teaming up with the acclaimed Dragonette, the sophomore single leaked onto the Internet alongside an unfinished video and whilst the visuals left much to be desired, fans were certainly not disappointed with the continued level of exceptional music. ‘Lucky Day’ succeeds in it’s uplifting nature and has summer written all over it (which brings into question a release date that looks to be around September..) and the track’s chorus, despite not being as instant as her debut, is pure sonic beauty.

The tracks release only further exemplifies that Roberts has an incredible talent for songwriting and spotting a great hook but one of the only areas that the song falls flat is in Nicola’s vocals. On a few occasions, it feels like she is wailing the lyrics and over such a beautiful backdrop and an infectious beat, the vocals detract from the music itself instead of becoming a part of the soundscape. So whilst it is incredible to see her experimenting with her vocal talents, hopefully the creases will be ironed out as the song reaches the live circuit for promotion.

Nicola’s main charm, in my eyes, is her  ability to take the essence of the slightly manic Girls Aloud and bring a relevant twist to it – if the girls were releasing these singles, they’d inevitably be smash hits. It is also fantastic to see Roberts exceeding expectations with critics and her refusal to adhere to the dance-heavy tunes that dominate the charts currently is admirable. The alternative leaning is what makes Nicola’s music appeal to an audience in a genre that so few attempt to experiment in. In addition, however, it’s also pleasing that her pop foundations are always at the core of her sound and as much as she reels in new listeners, old fans are in just as much awe.

‘Lucky Day’ embodies what was promised of Nicola’s upcoming album ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’; a pure pop assault that takes things a little deeper than most – it’s evident that Nicola feels passionate about every word and note that comes from stamped with her name across it. Chart success is irrelevant to an artist like Roberts as for her and her supporters, ‘Lucky Day’, as well as her debut ‘Beat Of My Drum’ have excelled in everything they set to achieve; pop music with class and no fear of experimentation.

Photo: Fabulous Magazine
Words: Simon McMurdo


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