Single Review: Nelly Furtado – Spirit Indestructible

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Nelly Furtado is back! Well, she’s been back for a while now but the whole ‘Big Hoops’ campaign was over before it even started and, teamed with the record being pushed back, we were signalled with a worrying future for ‘The Spirit Indesctrutable’-era. In typical Furtado fashion, the material she’s been seeping onto the airwaves has been a slight departure from her previous outputs. What we’re looking at here isn’t a linear development, but rather an amalgamation of what Nelly Furtado stands for; feistier than her slick debut, more mainstream than the acclaimed ‘Folklore’ and more introspective than the Timbaland-heavy ‘Loose’, Furtado is never one to remain stationary.

So, we’re onto our second taster of what the reinvented Nelly Furtado sound is like. The lead single from the campaign, ‘Big Hoops (The Bigger The Better)’ was a blistering tune but something it was lacking was the warmth we’ve come to expect from Nelly’s output. ‘Try’ had it. ‘I’m Like A Bird’ had it. ‘All Good Things’ proved commercially and critically that it had it too. Thankfully, this sophomore single from the record, ‘Spirit Indestructible’, has so much, it could coat the rest of the album campaign.

It’s sentiment is it’s strongest aspect – it oozes relatability and charm and embodies the beauty that many struggle to muster. Being ‘born this way’ is potentially the most endearing trend in recent years and it’s clearly evident in the lyrics of ‘Spirit Indestructible’. Nelly peddles it perfectly, excelling in it’s message with her emotive vocal delivery that thrives in it’s honesty. Self-appreciation anthems are rarely delivered as expertly as on this track.

We’re dealing with a touching theme here, but it isn’t any less danceworthy than her last single. Breaking down into a fierce beat after the lullaby-like keys in the intro and first chorus, I recommend you save for a massive rendition of the final chorus and post-chorus; you’ll be desperate for the gorgeous hook to make it’s rounds again.

Perhaps Furtado has passed her commercial peak, or perhaps this track will set the ball rolling for a promising album campaign – regardless, the quality of her material is unchanged and she exemplifies exactly how she got the respect and level of success she is able to boast.

And no, I’m not sure why she chants the vowels in the post-chorus, either.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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