Single Review: Misha B – Home Run

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The rate at which X Factor graduates are shoving out their singles is impressive, if worrying. For every Adele, who handles a record for a few years, writing, recording and perfecting, we have a Misha B who, the moment the chance is given to her, pops a mixtape onto the net. Now, it’s hard not to expect the worst, but it’s apparent that Misha B didn’t just begin her career after being booted off the biggest show in Britain – she is one of the candidates that has been striving, working and honing her skills before the audition doors were even opened. How do I know? Easy – ‘Home Run’ is all the evidence you need.

Initially, we’re lured into a false sense of disappointment as Misha croons over a slow piano hook but thankfully for everyone, this is far from a ballad. In fact, the intro serves little to no purpose – yes, she sounds great in it, but her vocal gymnastics will have plenty of time to shine as the inevitable adlibs dominate the live performances. It is refreshing that the song isn’t oversung, though – the vocals mingle with the beats, instead of standing out from them and it works well. Now, lets get onto the positives (and there are many).

The comparisons to Nicki Minaj, as the most visible female rapper at the moment, are expected, but Misha B takes the ‘Starships’ formula or half-pop/half-rap and runs with it. This isn’t a pop song with a rap tacked on top, nor is it a rap track with a dance-beat attached – ‘Home Run’ is a sensational example of how the two worlds can come together seamlessly. Most excitingly, we aren’t annoyed by the personality, but it’s evident in bucketloads and proves how much Misha is enjoying this opportunity and that is infectious.

‘Home Run’ sits perfectly amongst the relevant artists of today, but suggests a little more to come. Misha evidently possesses a knack for putting out the material and, as proven in her X Factor days, more than adequately performs the life out of them. She is fresh, promises to be even more innovative and, thanks to MNEK’s fine production, is sitting on an incredible debut single that  could open many doors for her.

Writing about new tunes is all well and good but every so often somebody comes along and makes the job incredibly hard – ie. you get material like Misha B’s debut that provoke such a response that the mouth (or fingers, if you will) can’t comprehend what is coming into the ears. ‘Home Run’ is an exceptional track and deserves your attention and hopefully a place near the top of the charts. Now, bring on an equally good album Ms. Bryan.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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