Single Review: Misha B – Do You Think Of Me

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The nation mourned as Misha B’s fantastic solo single missed out on the number one spot (significantly, I add with tears in my eyes), but fear not, in the age of fandom power, there is enough attention and interest to warrant a second single from the X Factor diva. Quite how, and if, she is going to match the immense ‘Home Run’ is beyond me, but anything half as good will be enough until the album drops. In a time in which I’d settle for a 7/10, ‘Do You Think Of Me’ musters up an 8. Nice one.

Misha’s second single may initially sound like a Jessie J tune which, for a new artist, does not bode well in regards to a lasting career. Thankfully for us all, by the time the chorus rolls around, Misha brings her own flavour into the mix and it’s all the better for it – the chorus really is a pretty big event. The post-chorus is magnificent too, shaping itself perfectly to show off Misha’s vocal skills and provide a nice sing-a-long moment for casual listeners and die-hards alike.

There is a nice Robyn feel to the arrangement as well – a little emotional and touchy, but providing a chance to dance the worries away instead of wallowing into a pit of despair – a trait that is intrinsic to the infamous piano ballad. It’s mid-tempo with enough of a beat to dance to and enough resonance to make you hark back to a lost love. The lyrics aren’t exactly innovative (she’s calling his name, sitting by the telephone and crying a lot) but they do the job pretty well – ‘One heart, one love, one way’ begs you to sing along, as does the ‘Somebody, everybody’ chant in the middle eight which delivers us back to the chorus beautifully.

Like all good pop songs, ‘Do You Think Of Me’ ties up all of it’s little nuances and hooks into one massive climax featuring them all and it’s this, if anything, that will draw you back in. There’s plenty to get excited about on this tune and it promises a little more variety from Misha. ‘Home Run’ proved that she could manage slick R&B and this tune handles dancefloor euphoria with ease as well. It doesn’t give that feeling of instant adoration on first listen like her debut managed, but the single definitely stands out from amongst the modern pop crop and with every listen, gets an ounce more wonderful and makes you grow that little more interested in what Misha B can bring to the pop table.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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