Single Review: Matt Cardle – Run For Your Life

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As The X Factor rolls around again, thoughts fall back on it’s previous winners. As Joe McElderry lines up his classical album and Leona Lewis takes a few risks on upcoming album ‘Glassheart’, Matt Cardle makes his first steps out of the recording studio with the first single from his debut record; ‘Run For Your Life’.

Having a track penned by Gary Barlow may be an absolute blessing to a new artist, particularly the X Factor graduates that have to prove their talent in the unforgiving world of music that already stare at them with a cynical eye. So it’s disappointing to hear that the track itself doesn’t stand very firmly and seems more like a generic Take That cast off as opposed to a single on the same level as the phenomenal ‘The Flood’ or the acclaimed ‘Patience’.

As many will be expecting, there’s a pounding pre-chorus drumming session that leads to a sing-song crescendo, there are strings aplenty and a forlorn looking Matt taking center stage in the video. It doesn’t strike you as a track that is going to stamp Cardle’s name on the music scene though and though it may not have had such a cold reception from me had it been an album track, ‘Run For Your Life’ stands as, currently, the only material we have to judge Matt Cardle’s music by and that initially is a downfall.

The song isn’t without redemption however, as the short breakdown drops out to reveal a haunting piano and Cardle’s ab lids on the final chorus add a deeper wealth of emotion to the single. Personally, I also feel a sense of hope that his album ‘Letters’ will harness more tracks that have a stronger sense of Matt’s own personality through his own songwriting. Time will tell whether his album hosts anything more evocative or memorable.

Winning the X Factor with apparent ease, respected names from the industry remarking on the album’s excellence and promises that he is one of the first ‘real artists’ to emerge from the show built up a lot of expectations that sadly this single doesn’t meet. ‘Run For Your Life’ is inoffensive and is likely to be a success thanks to die hard fans, but perhaps Matt Cardle has suffered as a victim of his own hype.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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