Single Review: Marina and the Diamonds – Fear and Loathing


Much has been floating around the Internet regarding Marina and the Diamonds’ new album, but strangely  little to none of it has come from Marina herself. She breaks her silence with this track, however, a visualette containing the track ‘Fear and Loathing’, the first taste we officially recieve from her upcoming album.

The most exciting aspect to the track is that it is something different and an entire new direction for Marina. Dark wave, electronic elements come to the fore and a massive emphasis is put on the vocals. Thankfully the base of all Diamandis’ tracks to date remains as the foundation in this piece – magnificent songwriting skills, but this time with a little more experimentation.

It pays off beautifully and though the song might not push the right buttons initially, a listen or two later will certainly unlock its beauty as the subtle touches accompanying the brooding piano and keys make themselves apparent. On the lyrical front, Marina is at her best. The honesty on her debut, last years ‘The Family Jewels’, is nothing compared to the impassioned writing that is present on ‘Fear and Loathing’. As Marina sings ‘you don’t have to live your life in fear’, she is certainly practicing what she preaches by laying her soul out in the words and messages she conveys.

There’s plenty to get excited about now. Marina is proving to be a force to be reckoned with as she not only demonstrates her fantastic songwriting once more but this time takes it to a more mature level. Her vast audience is certainly going to expand even further with the release of such high quality music but thankfully there is more than enough to appease her dedicated diamond fanbase as well.

With only one week to go until another track is unlocked, Marina may be leading us on a treasure hunt towards one of the most stunning and unexpected releases in recent times. Understated, beautiful and about to dive out from Ellie Goulding’s shadow – the world could well and truly be seeing more of Marina if the material continues to enchant as much as ‘Fear and Loathing’ has.

Photo: Marina’s Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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