Single Review: Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.)

Photo: Steven Klein

If you’re heading to a gay bar anytime in the next twelve months, it’s imperative that you read this review or, at least, check out the new Madonna track ‘Give Me All Your Luvin”. The woman that seems to have defied age whilst defining pop music for decades has decided that a film premiere and world tour is not enough; she’s put the finishing touches to her latest album MDNA as well.

Thankfully for Madge fans, it isn’t a rushed project. The album has seen Madonna at, potentially, her most empassioned yet as she eagerly builds up the anticipation for the record with claims that it is ‘action-packed’ and the fact that Ray Of Light collaborator William Orbit was onboard. This isn’t the eerie, atmospheric pop evident on the last Ciccone-Orbit masterpiece though; it flaunts a sound considerably closer to collaborator M.I.A.’s punchy pop.

‘Every record sounds the same, you gotta step into my world’ croons that unmistakable voice and, true to her word, this track is pretty different to Madonna’s previous outputs. Marching through three minutes with all the fanfare we’ve come to expect, the vibrant vocals sit atop electronic effects and a rumbling drumbeat. Doing it’s job as lead single, it’s relentlessly catchy too.

Gone are the days when Madonna became one of the boys alongside Timberlake and Timbaland; this track is defiantly female-led, with guest spots from fired up rapper Nicki Minaj and the acclaimed  M.I.A.. One issue that might not sit very well with some is the arguable lack of necessity of the guestspots. Despite adding their own distinct styles to the track, Nicki and M.I.A., vocally, only  take up about 25 seconds between them.

‘Give Me All Your Luvin” also takes the rocky road of chanting. Some love it, some hate it and some may believe that it single-handedly halted Nicola Robert’s music career before it began, but I’d say that the ‘L! U! V! Madonna!’ hook is one of the main charms of the song. It manages to embody the light hearted fun that has defined pop music and doesn’t grate too much. Not yet, anyway.

But the problem here is that this is Madonna. It might seem like an enviable position to be in as you see the money rolling into her bank account, but whilst most could get away with handing in a substandard assignment to a boss or teacher, Madonna can’t settle for anything less than a straight A’s without suffering serious consequences. Whether this matches up to your expectations of what one of the monarchs of pop should produce depends on what you’ve been waiting for and if you wanted a fun, feisty pop track that sits beside ‘4 Minutes’ and ‘Hung Up’ as the sound of twentieth century Madonna then you’re likely to be pretty impressed. As well as being remarkably innovative over the years, one of Madge’s greatest traits is her ability to stay current and whatever criticism you throw at her, it can’t be denied that she’s done it again. Now we can all go back to spelling ‘loving’ correctly.

Photo: Steven Klein
Words: Simon McMurdo


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