Single Review: Lullacry – Hell On High Heels (feat. Tanya Kemppainen)

It’s a goodbye, but there aren’t any tears on the new Lullacry single. Instead of playing it safe with a piano ballad complete with a documentary montage – the Finns have stuck to their guns and hammered out a massive tune to mark their closure. Ahead of best of collection ‘Legacy’, the single ‘Hell On High Heels’ is a blistering, anthemic consolidation of all of Lullacry’s best bits. Strong chorus, chugging riffs, chant-a-long titular refrain courtesy of the boys – it’s got it all. But hey, Sami, where’s that three minute guitar solo you’ve earned?

Welcoming back original singer Tanya brings the whole Lullacry project into a fulfilling full circle. The band have been fortunate enough to have two stellar vocalists at the helm – Tanja Lainio had a knack for purring seductively through career highlights such as ‘Stranger In You’ whilst Tanya always did encompass the rebellious rock ‘n’ roll edge – a trait that set them apart from the legions of other female fronted acts. One suggestion that might as well be tossed out onto the table is the idea of uniting both vocalists – Tanya owns the verses whilst the soaring chorus sounds as if it was tailored to Tanja’s style. Having said that, Tanya ably delivers the refrain – boasting some of Lullacry’s catchiest hooks to date.

From start to finish, ‘Hell On High Heels’ emits such energy that it’s hard to believe it’s a farewell tune. These guys sound invigorated and have really pulled it out the bag for their last single. There are the songs that artists churn out lazily, hoping to cash in on a break up, but the Lullacry guys and gal(s) have stayed true to the music, playing one of their strongest cards at the end of their career, if only to remind everyone just how great the band have been over the last decade and a half. Thanks for the music, Lullacry – the pleasure has been ours.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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