Single Review: Little Mix – Wings

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It’s a familiar story that I covered in my One Direction, Misha B and Cher Lloyd articles – X Factor pops them out, a major label signs them up and we’re given a lead single that reeks of the masses of money spent on it. Little Mix went on to win The X Factor – this is not a cheap affair, folks and the excitement that the winner displays on the finale night of the show is still evident in the girls’ debut single ‘Wings’.

The hooks, as expected, are relentlessly catchy, the production has a blinding sheen to it and above all it has it’s eyes firmly set on the top spot. If you were told it was a SyCo production, it wouldn’t at all be a surprise, but upon being told that it’s the first Little Mix single, your mouth may drop open a little more.

‘Wings’ is exactly what the girls should be doing, but everything you may have thought they wouldn’t. Hands up if you expected a midtempo or a Calvin Harris-style danceathon? Lyrically, it reads like a slowie but when you hear the final product, it’s an engaging and massive pop tune. A slight taste of motown begs you to tap your foot at the very least and if you listen closely, that lack of dance influence is gloriously refreshing.

Jessie, or ‘swag mix’ as she was tragically deemed for five minutes, lives up to her admittedly apt nickname, delivering enough attitude to cover the other three vocalists, should she need to. Meanwhile, as The X Factor proved, Perrie’s voice shines exceptionally bright – not that there’s a lead vocalist in Little Mix or anything, just like there wasn’t in Girls Aloud, was there Nadine Coyle?

Excuse my lazy journalism, but look at ‘Sound of the Underground’ and ‘Wannabe’ as debut singles – massive girl bands do things a little differently to everyone else. Now picture ‘Wings’ playing in the charts or in the clubs – their closest sonic neighbour being Bruno Mars. This is something exciting, fresh and a leap in the right direction for Little Mix as they eye their future as a leading girl band. Since One Direction’s massive fanbase seems to be latching onto them and ‘Wings’ is exemplifying all of the above, the dream doesn’t seem as unrealistic anymore, (as long as single two isn’t called ‘In The Club’ or something.)

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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