Single Review: Lena Katina – Never Forget

Photo: Kate Turning

t.A.T.u. are no more. Looking past the controversies and the duos desire to provoke the headlines at every turn, the music they produced was sensational. From the infamous ‘All The Things She Said’ to the dance tinged ‘White Robe’, their main charm was the melancholy moodiness that surged through their forward thinking outputs.

Thankfully, then, Lena Katina’s first solo effort ‘Never Forget’ picks up where the duo left off. Yes, the music may be a little rockier, but the work feels like a genuine development from t.A.T.u.’s work. The aforementioned somber atmosphere remains and adds a touch of honesty to the music which, teamed with Lena’s ever passionate vocals, pours gallons of emotion into the debut.

Save for the lyrics, however, which will certainly have the t.A.T.u. diehards weeping into their CD cases. The track acts as a farewell to former band mate Yulia Volkova and whilst apart from the track may seem a little contrived and cringe inducing (“I’ll always respect you and life goes on”) they certainly serve their purpose and the message of ‘Never Forget’ is admirable.

Volkova must be pretty humbled to receive such a sentimental dedication then? Not quite. Lena’s ex-band mate thought that Katina’s effort had no ‘culmination’. Admittedly the chorus, in comparison to t.A.T.u.’s sledgehammering crescendos, is a bit of a let down but the short build up in the divine bridges and the catchy hook prove the track to be a pretty decent output.

It isn’t exactly breaking new ground in the way her former band had, nor is it treading the same waters as t.A.T.u., but ‘Never Forget’ shines in it’s own way. Nobody can ever take away the fact that Katina endlessly gives nothing less than absolute passion within her vocals and the track certainly has a warm wealth of emotion to it. It feels like it’s the right progression from Lena’s past – carrying a few traits through to her newer sound and if the duo’s albums are anything to judge by, Katina’s forthcoming LP will be a healthy serving of variety that a lead single can’t adequately represent.

Photo: Kate Turning
Words: Simon McMurdo


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