Single Review: Lemon – Pussydrop

Photo: John Oakley

Yes, I know, the title is a little in your face. It got your attention though, didn’t it? Lemon is a young Brit suffering from the problem that most pop-stars face – there is no real outlet for a dance pop songwriter on the underground. If you’re peddling the cooler-than-thou beat banging, you might get away with it but what we have here is a starlet, born for the mainstream, that is on the verge of blowing up. She needs attention and a few eager ears and helping hands so thankfully for Lemon, I’ve given her a shot and a listen and I am very happy to report that she is well above average.

Regarding the title, you needn’t worry. It actually only appears in the intro and a few little segues throughout – it’s literally eclipsed by every other aspect of the song. The chorus, which reveals the song to be about looking for love and having a little dance and nothing untoward as you might be expecting, is just incredible. It’s an actual pop moment that only comes once in a while and it’s infectious potential would see The Saturdays begging to have it in their mits. There’s something in it that just defines pure pop – perhaps it’s the lyrics that beg you to sing-a-long or the way it ignores external genre influences and concentrates on being computer-generated goodness.

The production is pristine and faultless – it is chart ready and, thanks to it’s title, should get the attention of a few DJs too – hopefully helping it find it’s way into the dancefloor, where it will really come into it’s own. Lemon herself sits atop that production with an occasionally raspy voice that channels the Cher Lloyd style of being a competent rapper but an impressive singer. Admittedly, however, it goes some way in conveying the bags of attitude that the vocalist is evidently harnessing. The striking fact is that the enormousness of the tune never drowns out Lemon, as it might have done a lesser vocalist – it is to her credit that she stays on top of this the entire way through.

‘Pussydrop’ is actually, despite the reservations, a great tune and in a world where pop has been known to grab your attention in whatever manner available, Lemon is probably taking the right steps towards getting heard. Music snobs step back and fans of care free pop take note, this girl is capable of some stonking efforts and I, for one, wouldn’t mind checking out an album full of tracks as addictive as this. Now, shall we take bets on the inevitable radio friendly title?

Photo: John Oakley
Words: Simon McMurdo


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