Single Review: LectroLips – NSA

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LectroLips are one of the many acts that are proving a good, crisp sound is not achievable only by selling your soul to a record company. The duo are low-key and emerging – their material, though, sounds as if it could already compete with their peers. More interestingly, they’ve zoned in on their target market and are quite aware, refreshingly, that this brand of dance-pop has it’s eyes fixed firmly on the gays. But don’t let heterosexuality be a burden to you – LectroLips may have the appeal that begins with the dancefloor Queens, but the boys are more than capable of transcending into radio interest and loved-by-housewives-status. Just as long as they don’t mind that the no-strings fun the boys sing about doesn’t quite involve a game of scrabble, ofcourse.

First things first, you’ll be singing ‘N S A’ repeatedly after this. You might as well accept that before you even listen. It is infecting. The first listen will also give you the chance to enjoy an instant sing-a-long moment in the shape of the ‘h-hey hey’s that emerge in the verses. It’s a proper first single, basically. Not just something the boys have chucked out as a half-hearted debut – it’s been crafted to draw in the listeners both lyrically and sonically – it is catchy to the core.

The chorus sneaks up without making too much of a fuss but it’s exceptionally addictive. By the time the slicing beats are paving the way for the middle eight, you’re desperate for it to make it round again. The ‘N S A’ hook sounds like a mechanical commander, whilst there’s a vintage touch to the delivery of the ‘blow by blow, that’s how I play’ pre-chorus which feels as if it has been copy and pasted from a seductive speech in a forgotten b-movie.

To coin a phrase defined by the Scissor Sisters, ‘NSA’ is filthy-gorgeous. It is a hurricane of slick beats and robotic vocal effects with a keen ear lent to a chart-busting fan-finding hook or two. LectroLips are brave in that they are making the music that a lot of clubbers are dying to hear and sing along to, but most artists aren’t willing to make. Instead of popping the theme under a thinly veiled innuendo, it’s out and proud. Like it or not, it’s going to get plenty of attention and, thankfully for Ant and Leo, they have a wealth of talent to prove that they are more than a novelty. ‘NSA’ is just the beginning, mark my words.

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Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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