Single Review: Lady Gaga – Venus

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The whole ARTPOP campaign so far has been tarnished with a general consensus that Gaga is a little too weird. The songs are too busy and the concepts are too peculiar. She is isolating the mainstream that welcomed her so warmly and crowned her as their new princess. Thankfully then, Gaga has decided to strip away the weird outfits and the dramatic concepts whilst making the songs even more linear and accessible. Oh wait – at the time of writing, she’s just stood on the Berlin wall in near-white makeup and posed with a kebab in her gob for the single sleeve. Strike that – she’s still crackers.

And crackers is exactly what makes ‘Venus’ the inimitable triumph that it is. If you’re looking at the song with a potential-number-one-single mindset, walk away. This isn’t an easy one to digest. It does have a euphoric hands-in-the-air chorus but it surrounds it with some 80’s, almost Bowie-esque verses that drop out to almost silence whilst the Lady herself declares, in a variety of voices, ‘Venus’. Which is good, as that’s the title of the song she wants you to buy. You go get that promo, Gaga.

When I say it’s difficult to take in – I comment on behalf of the masses. The Gaga fans are just about coming to expect this level of peculiarity from her and welcome it with open arms. The radio doesn’t play this stuff though. Not yet. It’s why Lady Gaga is such a treat to follow – she brings out music that you can’t quite comprehend, then makes it into the next big thing. Mark my words, though, ‘don’t you know my ass is famous’ is set to become a defining, iconic lyric of hers if this single takes off.

‘Venus’ is like nothing you’ve heard. Just like everything she does. I stand by the fact that, even though it doesn’t always hit the target dead on, Gaga’s music will be remembered because it stands out and it’s different. This whole throwback sound mixed with a current, relevant production and a chorus that is unforgettable is exactly the reason Gaga is so important in the music scene today. It need not be discussed whether ‘ARTPOP’ is better than ‘Prism’, or ‘MDNA’ or any other record out there – we need only to appreciate that, when we look back, we can remember a wide array of artists that have provided us with some next-level works of genius that will define the decade. Thank God for people like Gaga that push the boundaries and keep things exciting.

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Words: Simon McMurdo


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