Single Review: Lacuna Coil – Trip The Darkness

Photo: Enrico Caputo

Many were left raging when Lacuna Coil favoured metal over atmospheres on ‘Karmacode’ and their last album ‘Shallow Life’, particularly when the latter promised to merge the earlier sound with a heavier edge. It may be an album late, but with ‘Dark Adrenaline”s lead single ‘Trip The Darkness’, the band have finally brought the two polars two a happy medium, as vocalist Cristina explains – “The atmosphere of the record will make a lot of old-school fans very happy, and the newer fans will enjoy the vibrant energy”.

Opening with an electronic vibe that is slaughtered by a pummeling drum beat and guitar riff, the track sounds like a mix of ‘Survive’ and ‘Underdog’. Whilst the older stuff may have made a reappearance, this is well and truly something different from the ‘Unleashed Memories’ material. The guitars are, if anything, turned up higher and harder and the riffs are begging to be played live.

Cristina holds back on the chorus and soothes the listener with one of her most haunting performances since the acclaimed ‘Comalies’. Choosing to withdraw a little, the strength comes from her vulnerability and it’s made a welcome return. Andrea’s voice which has continued to grow even stronger provides a perfect antithesis as it sits alongside Cristina’s siren-like call, as he puts a balls-out performance to contrast her serene offering.

Nothing has been lost by returning to their earlier work as it refreshes the bands sound, enriching the strength of the material by drawing from the character that populated their first three albums and gained them a lot of respect on the underground metal scene. By adding the heavier, catchier sound of post-Karmacode material, ‘Dark Adrenaline’ could well and truly be the era that reunites the lost Lacuna Coil fans with the recently-acquired diehards.

Photo: Enrico Caputo
Words: Simon McMurdo


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