Single Review: Lacuna Coil – Nothing Stands In Our Way

That opening roar is almost frightening. Lacuna Coil have never been ones to delve into the whole beauty-and-the-beast vocal style so the guttural burst really takes you by surprise. Extra point to the Italians then for keeping us on our toes. Now the interest is peaked, ‘Nothing Stands In Our Way’ resorts back to a more familiar approach – an instrumental comprising of crunchy chugging guitars and horror-film atmospherics. It lightens up to welcome Cristina’s delicate but unnerving vocals as they take on the verses and one chorus in, you’re already able to hear the development in the band on a grander scale – the sound has the frantic, energised feel that has set them apart from other gothic metal acts but the undercurrent to Lacuna Coil’s music is growing increasingly more dark and haunting over the years. I lik-e-like it.

Andrea gets a lot of stick for his vocals – most vocalists might struggle next to the enchanting and unique style of Scabbia – but this track goes some way in showing why he is an essential part of the band. His sharp, chanted chorus packs quite a punch and breaks through the comparative calm of Cristina’s verses. The lady herself does take on the titular refrain though and dances around Andrea’s hook, bringing the duet style they are so well known for thanks to Andrea’s burst of passion and Cristina’s spellbinding accompaniment.

The upcoming record, ‘Broken Crown Halo’ precedes itself with a lead single that is doing a stellar job of showing that even artists at the top of their genre are still developing into increasingly stronger and more interesting investments of your time. ‘Nothing Stands In Our Way’ brings the energised band that reinvented itself with the hook-heavy ‘Karmacode’ and merges it with the approach to drama and atmosphere that characterised ‘Unleashed Memories’. Whilst ‘Dark Adrenaline’ had the right idea, the new single gives an indication that the upcoming record will be a more crafted and coherent mix of all the band have learnt –  Lacuna Coil have kept us listening intently over the years and the new single shows exactly why.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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