Single Review: Ke$ha – Die Young

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Is there ever an artist out there that says ‘actually, this record is quite like last five’? It seems not, as Ke$ha is pushed forward as another musician that has ‘found herself’, ‘become more emotional’ and various other hyperboles lifted from the news articles. So it’s with a little fear that you might approach her sophomore record ‘Warrior’s lead single ‘Die Young’; fear, not only, that she may have lost her charms, but may also have lost the vibrant young-ness that emanated from her material. So on first listen, it may take you by surprise that her latest track could have sat alongside ‘Animal’-era Ke$ha with ease.

The first thing that strikes you about ‘Die Young’ is it’s instant nature – before the songs on, the singing along may commence. A lot of artists foolishly underestimate the power of a good vocal line, but Ke$ha uses them to full effect in the anthemic chorus – it’s exactly this that puts the track on the next level, it’s these vocal hooks that are going to capture the attention of those that listen in and will likely take ‘Die Young’ to the levels of success that ‘We R Who We R’ and ‘Tik Tok’ enjoyed.

The lyrics are exactly what you might expect from Sebert. There are clubs, there are boys and there is plenty of booze fuelled dancing. The beat also sits perfectly amongst the current crop of chart-toppers – it’s Dr. Luke feel, conjured by the man himself, naturally, will keep it relevant, but it’s Brit-pop guitar riff, sounding like it’s been stolen from a Blur record, will set it apart. It isn’t incredibly innovative and if you hear it, you’ll know it’s Ke$ha straight away, but it’s Ke$ha at her best.

So ‘Warrior’ might not be the career defining change that might have been hinted at, but there is enough here, in it’s first single, to keep things fresh and more than enough to retain her current fanbase. If you don’t like Ke$ha, then you won’t like ‘Die Young’, but if you do then you’ll get to experience a tune that is sure to soar the top of charts worldwide and be a staple as one of the highlights in Ke$ha’s shows. After all, nobody does a party quite like Ke$ha and ‘Die Young’ proves why she is the queen of punch-bowl pop (with extra vodka, if you please).

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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