Single Review: Just James – Limitless

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Whenever things get stale in the music world, things start to get innovative. There is this invisible wall between the world of rock/metal and dance. Over the last few years, before our very eyes, bands like Pendulum and Chase and Status have taken these opposing genres and hammered them into one and this merging has been, in my eyes, one of the most exciting and effortlessly cool sounds to rise to success. It might have been bubbling under for a while, but as things did get a little boring, it found it’s success at the thirst of a music audience desperate to hear something a little more unique. Just James are championing that sound on the underground. It is a scary task to take on something so huge but they have harnessed it perfectly and used it to shape current single – the infectious ‘Limitless’.

There is more than a little feel of Enter Shikari to the electro fuelled rock but it has plenty of merit on it’s own whilst the female vocals alone set Just James apart from any similar peers. Ella Reeves has a voice that sits atop the dubstep vibes nicely, it’s light and emotive but is not afraid to unleash plenty of power, as the post-chorus exemplifies. Alex ‘Motamouf’ Young gives enviable deliveries of his fast-paced raps flitting from intelligent lyric to more thought-provoking hooks – the manner in which he racks up such an impressive speed without lacking any conviction is impressive. It’s these front folk and their ability to mesmerise with their vocals that has given Just James a jump start into something even more innovative and interesting.

The song-writing comes through at it’s addictive best as Reeves brings forth the mighty chorus that manages to be instantly memorable. ‘Limitless’ sticks to the tried and tested massive chorus, flourishing-verses structure and it handles it beautifully. Musically, it’s sparse beeps that hang beneath the verses are a perfect compliment to the aforementioned Young whilst the sing-a-long chorus deserves the frantic, all-guns-blazing approach, becoming an amalgamation of the pristine waves of electronics and the crashes of rock that underlie it.

It’s something I always come back to with up and coming artists but ‘Limitless’ sounds professional. It sounds like a big production backed by expert songwriters and in a scene as respected and hard-fought as music, you need to be on your A game to play with the big names. Just James are ready for it – they have talent and determination and a keen ear for a hook that is often the missing piece for thriving musicians. Whether they be topping the charts or playing your local, though, it’s nice to know there’s a blossoming project, like Just James, waiting for you to experience their growth and be a part of their rise.

‘Limitless’ on iTunes.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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