Single Review: Jessie J – Domino

Fresh on the heels of releasing the video for fourth UK single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, Jessie J has set her sights on the USA. Where many have fallen flat, Jessie has already been making waves in the states with her debut album ‘Who You Are’ proving to be a minor success. But with a voice as powerful as Jessie’s and an undeniable talent in song writing, minor success is just not enough.

‘Domino’ seeks to bring an American flavour to her sound. Complete with uplifting hooks, addictive guitar riffs and more sunshine than a Hawaiian summer. Which does throw into question the release – is it wise to release a track like this as autumn falls? At the very least, the track should rack up a few plays in the remaining weeks of summer.

The single is a track that begs for the weekend and Jessie’s deliverance, full of enthusiasm, brings the excitement to the fore. It follows in the footsteps of Katy Perry’s latest hit ‘Last Friday Night’ and Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party In The USA’ (which Jessie co-wrote, aptly). The former, however, has just hit the top o the USA charts so if there’s a trend to follow, this seems to be the one.

Dr. Luke’s production means that it does have a similarity to the aforementioned Katy Perry and Ke$ha and it seems that Jessie is heading in a dance-infused, euphoric pop direction for her American campaign which this single precedes. The good news is that it suits her perfectly. Her zesty vocals danced their way through her debut album perfectly fine but find a suitable soundtrack to match their playful tendencies.

Although the track is enjoyable and one of the catchiest tunes she’s put her name to, i can’t help but feel a little anxious to get a taste of her second album and ensure that it retains the punchy, unique pop that tracks such as ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ and ‘Do It Like A Dude’ built their foundations on. Tracks like ‘Domino’ will sit beautifully alongside Jessie J’s back catalogue but hopefully her British edge won’t be quashed by an American sound. Oh and let’s also pray that there willbe time for the sensational title track of her debut album ‘Who You Are’ to shine as a single.

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Words: Simon McMurdo


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