Single Review: Jake Sims – Sold Out

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Unsigned artists have it tough. Without support from the Def Jams of this world, you’re struggling to afford all the things you will need to get yourself noticed. Studio time isn’t cheap, good producers are few and far between and, just to top it all off, getting the attention of a record label is near impossible. Essentially, you’re recording the most important songs of your life, the ones that could give birth to your own career in the toughest stages of any artists’ venture.

Jake Sims has shone through all that hardship. Having followed him for about a year now, it’s safe to say that he is constantly evolving and growing. I wrote about him before, commenting on how he keeps it simple (a sensible move when you’re starting out) and relies on his piano, songwriting and voice to get people listening. Upon chatting to him recently, he told me he felt he needed to take a risk. Sensible move, this is not. ‘Sold Out’ is much harder to digest than a single one-hook ballad, but it has got me even more excited about Jake’s future in music. Cementing a development of his own sound before even releasing a record – believe me, this boy has his head in the right place.

A haunting piano line sits at the foundation of ‘Sold Out’, giving way to fleeting electronics as the verses evolve into the explosion that welcomes the huge chorus. The centrepiece is an interesting mixture of the melancholy that has coloured the verses but also a curious blast of euphoria as Jake blasts out the passionate hook with a voice that really is something special. The song, a piano ballad flirting with a powerful electronic backdrop, wouldn’t sound out of place amongst the storming hits of Take That but, even then, Jake has something unique to offer. His tunes aren’t all about the commercial selling points – it all relies on an unquestioned skill for piano and the vocal talents that can’t be taught.

There is nothing wrong with a popstar that focuses on a glistening performance, don’t get me wrong, but Jake Sims has the ability to transcend a single demographic. He has something for everyone – the catchy vibes to lure in the teenagers, the raw emotion and passion to keep critics interested and a well polished ability to make a classy, memorable pop song that is universally appreciated. ‘Sold Out’ isn’t just the next rung up on the ladder for Jake, it’s a giant climb. His songwriting talent, once again, defies his youth and the fact that I’m here witnessing it all from the beginning is any blogger’s dream come true; experiencing the incredible talent of somebody that has all it takes to become a music sensation.

Jake is taking part in the MTV’s Brand New Unsigned. Click here for more info and to give him your support by voting.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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