Single Review: Jake Sims – Fix Me (Stay)

Video Still: James Poole

It’s always a pleasure to be there from the start. As Nicki Minaj once sang, some people are rather keen to ‘pop they last dime to say they copped the soonest’. It isn’t bragging rights I enjoy (though covering Bastille and Stooshe before they got so big is mentioned VERY OFTEN INDEED in Simon’s world) but the ability to watch a humble, modest talent grow from frequenting the small backrooms of a pub to the biggest stages in the country. Jake Sims is an absolute candidate for the big time – he has the looks, the charm and is a total sweetheart. He also has a song called ‘Fix Me (Stay)’ that is, basically, out of this world and this is why…

Jake has a voice that is versatile – sounding just as  pure in the higher ranges as it does on the low. Particularly in the chorus, his effortless delivery makes it feel like he is simply talking to the listener and telling his story. As Jessie J squeezes into every other episode of The Voice UK, channelling the emotion into a stronger performance is exactly what Jake has done. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to lose his way, but it does sound like the sorrow he sings about is soaring through his lungs with every lyric. It feels real.

The piano is warmed by strings as the chorus welcomes Jake’s soaring performance on vocals. The keys have an addictive quality – their simplicity is mesmerizing as the intro hook is already engaging and familiar when it returns post-chorus. The song is well aware that the message is the core of ‘Fix Me (Stay)’ and, thus, it doesn’t try to do too much. Each of the instruments make their entrance and exit swiftly and without fuss – even at the height of their presence during the final chorus, it is Sims that steals the show and pushes it to the next level with his impassioned

Jake’s voice sits somewhere between Gary Barlow and Mark Owen which is apt as ‘Fix Me (Stay)’ is a Take That sized anthem. It’s sentimental message is undeniably the glue of the song; it doesn’t saturate the song with cheesiness – it is beautiful and touching without suffering from overkill and it’s immensely enjoyable to find a song by a young male talent that isn’t focused on a love that never was or something else just as predictable. Jake Sims is brave in that the lyrical theme, the song and it’s message are all evidently straight from the heart but the most enchanting quality is hearing him deliver it with all the passion and emotion he could muster. It’s a joy to see someone that is giving every single ounce of himself to his music, after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Video Still: James Poole
Words: Simon McMurdo


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