Single Review: Class A – MOC

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If you cast your mind back to 2003, there once lived a pop band so brilliant that they could potentially have caused the boyband revival before it’s demise – they were a band called Phixx and their blend of 80s pop and some commendable voices were a striking mix that, for whatever reasons, didn’t quite break though. Thankfully for all those, like myself, that still mourn their loss, there is hope on the horizon in the shape of Class A – a six piece (how controversial!) that have put out one of the best boyband singles since the 90s.

That tune is a track called ‘MOC’, which stands for ‘My Own Conclusions’ if you were wondering, and it thrives on those 80s vibes,  feeling like a mix of Spandau Ballet and A1 (remember them?). The vocal delivery is miles ahead of their peers – there is a nice diversity between them but their harmonies are on point and, as the middle eight proves, they’re more than able to hit the top notes. The music is crisp and clear despite their DIY approach and the production does the song justice – baring in mind these boys are not getting any major label help, it all feels very professional.

‘MOC’ feels like it has sat a masterclass in pop – it contains all that makes the genre so  ridiculous AND amazing – the ‘Good afternoon, may I ask whose calling’ voice over is the type of thing that defines the 90s – an era when pop was arguably at it’s best and the backing vocals bring a welcome sing-a-long moment for future live performances. A little rap, courtesy of Seb Kinder precedes the greatest middle eight of the year so far and the bridges are to die for. It’s not easy to pull off a homage to the last decade without sounding dated, but ‘MOC’ manages it.

It’s hard to imagine many folk doing it better than Class A. They know what moves to make and are not following in the footsteps of any of the current crop which is refreshing. Their music is enough to draw in the housewives, as well as the gays and girls that adore pop – it feels wonderfully chart-ready and their potential is blatant. All this, and they come with a band name that just begs for puns – oh, and they also have a penchant for taking their tops off – very boyband, indeed.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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