Single Review: Clare Maguire – Little White Lies

Photo: Jessie Lily Adams

Clare Maguire! She’s the one who has soul running through her veins? She’s the next Florence and the Machine! She’s that bird that did the big songs and now does ballads right? Yes, no and half-right. Ms. Maguire, as we discussed in my review of her song ‘Paper Thin’ has undergone a reverse metamorphosis. Ditching the butterfly wings of orchestral backdrops and mammoth drums, she is returning to her cocoon to deliver a new kind of music that comes straight from the heart. Pretty deep stuff, too, if the gorgeous mellow tunes ‘Slightly Sober’ and ‘Paper Thin’ are anything to go by.

‘Little White Lies’ isn’t more of the same. Incase you thought she’d dropped the tempo once and for all, this track is rather bouncy and bursts into a rocky and infectious chorus. Her vocal style shifts a little too – instead of hammering the high notes we know she can hit, she sticks to her lower range and manipulates an enviable talent for giving a seductive, breathy delivery that manages just as much conviction. Channelling her inner Sharleen Spiteri, the track has a Texas flavour to it but delves much deeper into the Nancy Sinatra school of performing thanks to it’s nostalgic vibe that harks back much further than the ‘Summer Son’ hitmakers.

The class that oozes from Maguire’s new material is undeniable. It’s not attempting to fit any trends and the only boxes it ticks are the ones of her own choosing. If you follow Clare on Twitter or Tumblr (and why wouldn’t you?!) then you’ll see that the music is starting to frame the woman. She’s witty and charming, but is not all bells and whistles – sometimes it’s best to just cut back a little bit.  It’s not as confessional as her other new releases, but  even in it’s tender moments, ‘Light After Dark’s majesty can’t compete in the intimacy stakes with songs like ‘Little White Lies’.

‘Little White Lies’ is the next taster of what Clare has in store for us. When you thought you could ask for no more, this track delivers a strutting empowerment to contrast the soul-baring ‘Slightly Sober’ and gives even more of a tempo-kick than the stunning climax of ‘Paper Thin’. Fixing the pieces together, it is clear that the art Clare has produced is her most daring and passionate venture to date – less about chart-bothering, trend-following and much more about the most important thing behind it all – herself.

Photo: Jessie Lily Adams
Words: Simon McMurdo


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