Single Review: Christina Aguilera – Your Body

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“I think you already know my name” Christina Aguilera belts out in the middle eight of her upcoming single ‘Your Body’ and it’s perhaps the truest lyric she has put her name to. This is make or break for Christina. Every artist is allowed a flop now and again and the poor woman suffered one of the most talked about commercial disasters in pop history. That is why this is the single that is going to have to make it big for Christina or else she’d better hope the Maroon 5 guest slots keep on coming.

Listening to ‘Your Body’ is a defining moment for the reasons detailed above so a fair few runs through will be needed before you can properly wage up what we have on display. The chorus is a little slower than you might expect but there is a sultriness to Aguilera’s vocal delivery that fits it and makes it sound perfect. The synths and beats are banging and hot – this is destined for the dancefloor and comes complete with a sing-a-long ‘whoa-a-a’ moment that is obligatory in a club banger these days.

It isn’t all plain sailing, regretfully. It’s the lyrics that are a little hard to swallow. Harking back to her glory days, Christina was known for pushing the boundaries – ‘Dirrty’ remains one of the filthiest pop anthems in existence and that didn’t need to be explicitly controversial or as blunt as ‘Your Body’ is. Either way, for better or worse, Christina has taken the current controversy levels (“how dare Rihanna sing vulgarities ‘S and M'”) and tripled it.  Perhaps I’ll look back on this post and realise that it’s the lyrics that made ‘Your Body’ as successful as may be, but if this all falls flat on it’s face, it is going to look even worse on Christina.

Anyway, enough negativity; it’s time to get excited for the return of one of the biggest and most talented voices from our generation. Christina Aguilera has gone from superstar to underrated diva – ‘Bionic’ may not have sold as many records as people expected, but it’s certainly a decent enough output. Thankfully, Aguilera won’t settle for decent again and if the new record is anything like ‘Your Body’, it’s going to craft something unique and innovative out of the overplayed generic dance-pop currently dominating the radio stations.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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