Single Review: Cher Lloyd – Dub On The Track (feat. Ghetts, Mic Righteous & Dot Rotten)

Photo: Austin Hargrave

Debuting last month with ‘Swagger Jagger’, Cher Lloyd brought hip hop to a pop audience, carefully sampling a recognisable refrain alongside her notorious rapping skills which dominated the verses. Her album, she promises, is going to take things quite a few steps further and Lloyd has unsurprisingly declared that ‘theres something for everyone’. But proving she’s a woman of her word, she’s planning to unleash ‘Dub on the Track’ to the world in a not-quite-a-single-or-is-it campaign.

With dubstep being the in-thing at the moment, worldwide stars such as Britney Spears have been sampling it and upcoming critic’s favourite Katy B has built her thriving career on it. As the title suggests, the track is pure dubstep with Cher’s voice riding over the beats and accompaniment comes from the respected Ghetts as well as Dot Rotten and Mic Righteous.

‘Dub On The Track’ brings forth Cher Lloyd’s main strength; she knows what is current and she dabbles in trends wisely, always adding a flavour of her own to the mix. The track probably won’t be timeless and will likely fall out of a few ipods moments after the next big thing kicks off. The lyrics might not be groundbreaking either, but they succeed in being a lexical representation of a pretty sizable ego (be it fictional, or realistic).

The most refreshing part of Cher’s music is that it genuinely feels that she is passionate about the material she is putting out, no matter if it’s widely loved or hated. The music is genuine and her attitude and forceful nature comes as a result of the fact that this is something she is proud of. At the very least, you can’t deny the conviction that is personified by Cher Lloyd – no amount of youtube dislikes will make her regret these tracks.

‘Dub On The Track’ is unlikely to make Cher’s fans (Brats, to use the correct terminology) disown her, just as it’s probably not going to hoist in many new fans. It’s this type of underground-lite music that allows Cher to keep a mainstream sensibility but bring out a few influences that up her cool points. It’s arguable that ‘Dub on the Track’ wouldn’t have seen release had dubstep not been dominating the charts already and it isn’t remarkably innovative but it is, above all, current and that is the main charm about Lloyd herself.

Photo: Austin Hargrave (with thanks to Cher Lloyd Daily)
Words: Simon McMurdo


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