Single Review: Bastille – Pompeii

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Bastille have been bubbling under like crazy. The fact that they aren’t everybody’s new favourite band at the moment is a total surprise to me. I saw them live both acoustically and electric last May and their tunes instantly had me head over heels. ‘Overjoyed’ has such depth, it just doesn’t get old and is at odds with the stunning indie-pop anthem ‘Flaws’ which garnered a bit of attention – still, not as much as these boys are worthy of.

So, you have your popstars that would take this situation and fizzle into obscurity until all that can he heard are faint sobs and the rustle of a Celebrity Big Brother contract, then you have these boys that just get even better. The earlier stuff might have been magic, but this is an entire new level of wizardry  ‘Pompeii’ brings catchy infectious pop, enough sensibility to still appeal to the indie crowd and, wait for it, Gregorian style chanting. If ‘Flaws’ was an arena-anthem, then ‘Pompeii’ is surely a stadium-ready tune, it’s enormous.

All this talk of massive crowds and mainstream potential might put you off, but don’t be – there is still a sense of intimacy, most notably in the beautifully executed lyrics that Dan Smith conjures. The incredible control he has over his voice that often sounds like it is breaking in emotion is astounding and seeing him perform a few tracks atop the acoustic backing last May was a really beautiful experience – he is incredibly gifted. The ‘How am I going to be an optimist about this’ hook will be ringing around your head for weeks and will likely be the line the housewives sing once Bastille break through, so thank goodness it’s a voice and lyric worth remembering.

Whether they remain as a relatively unknown band that once got a tune played on the advertisements of ‘Dancing On Ice’ remains to be seen, but Bastille deserve to be heard and have earned a mass of success that will hopefully be rewarded to them this year. With Radio One and a few online outlets pledging their support, there isn’t much left but to let time tell. Anxiety need not come into play, however – at the very least, we have a band here that are offering up outstanding material – whether one person listens or a million people get onboard, as long as we can listen to tracks like ‘Pompeii’ and the promising material thereafter, then we’ll all be a happy bunch (but a number one album wouldn’t go a miss).

Photo: Official Site
Words: Simon McMurdo


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