Single Review: Amelia Lily – Party Over

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I have high hopes and a slight niggling fear as I listen to ‘Party Over’ for the first time. Having been dealt two of my favourite pop hits of recent times thanks to Amelia Lily, my reliance on the fact that she won’t disappoint grows stronger with every listen of the surprisingly divisive ‘Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)’ but with two absolute stormers before it, surely it’s time for the obligatory ballad? Thankfully for Amelia’s career, it’s the opposite end of the spectrum – her BPM machine must be going into overdrive in that studio.

Disappointments first: lyrically, it’ probably the most vapid output from her yet – but it does match the theme of the song and not everyone has to be excessively emotional and serious all the time, do they? Having said that, Xenomania’s craziness usually wins them a few points on this front and they didn’t quite deliver this time. Still, only insinuating about the club and not directly dedicating a chorus to it is a pretty nice move and always welcome.

Negative point out the way – the rest is killer. Those beats are fond and familiar, without sounding like a rip-off and original enough to potentially make a name for Amelia Lily in a way that the other singles didn’t quite manage – curiously, it’s not as unique as the first two releases but is probably the most definitive as far as huge mainstream success is concerned. As i referenced  it is, alike ‘Shut Up’, an all guns blazing affair which is exactly what we want from Amelia, not some acoustic nonsense (I partially blame ‘Shut Up’s reasonably poor performance on the powers that be not forking out for a massive performance and relying only on accompaniment from that bloke and his little brown guitar). A killer beat isn’t all that is needed to secure a smash -soz, dubstep – but those vocal lines are to die for and hammer this tune deep. A second verse which acts like a second chorus is never a bad thing, just ask ‘Biology’ by Girls Aloud, it didn’t even bother with verses really.

I can only imagine how much the British public will overplay this if infected by it’s charm, so it’s best we get in now before it suffers from the Jessie J ‘Domino’ effect (see what I did there?!?!?!) but, to be honest with you, ending up hating this rather brilliant song wouldn’t be the end of the world, if it means ‘Party Over’ can secure a place in the charts for at least an album or two from Amelia and even better if those records have writing credits from Xenomania. The best thing about ‘Party Over’ is that you can see it blared out in clubs (gay AND straight), mumbled by housewives and learnt word-for-word by pre-teen girls – that’s what pop is though really, isn’t it? Something that unites and, even if you hate it, you know it. We love you pop and, sadly for all those unreleased Kelly Clarkson tracks, so does Ms. Lily.

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Words: Simon McMurdo


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