Single Review: Alpines – Chances

Photo: Gustavo Papelo

Electro-duo Alpines are playing this game very well. Popping a video onto the Internet, getting you hooked on the track and mere weeks after you’re able to purchase it, they whet your appetite with the next. This is our last course before the EP is served up and it’s a beautiful slowie called ‘Chances’.

It’s a treat to hear something a little different from them. The electronic vibe is still front and centre, it is their genre of choice after all, but the trip-hop vibes have seeped in pretty nicely. It’s a chilled out affair, but don’t expect to grab any sleep – the beats are sinister and just as exciting as we’ve come to expect.

The gorgeous vocal delivery we’ve come to expect from Pockson is central to the tangible emotion of the piece. But it’s Bob Matthew’s expert harnessing of the keyboards that completes the enchanting, if haunting, backdrop. The arrangement itself is an example of the minimalistic beauty few can pull off so well and displays how the duo have a real knack for writing simply gorgeous tunes. The chorus isn’t as massive as it’s predecessor, ‘Empire’, but it works it’s magic slowly, ensuring that by the final time it comes around, you’ll be wanting to hum along. Before you hit replay, naturally.

I have a genuine hunch that Alpines are either going to be the most criminally underrated act of all time, or one of the biggest breakthroughs in British music. It’s impossible to deny the absolute art in their music but that doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible or catchy – they make pop songs that will appeal to indie audiences. Whatever path Alpines go down, their material has proved them to be one of the most consistent and talented acts to emerge from under our Union Jack.

Photo: Gustavo Papelo
Words: Simon McMurdo


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