Live Review: Saint Saviour (Nottingham Bodega)

Photo: Simon McMurdo

Saint Saviour’s previous visit to Nottingham saw her supporting her EP ‘Suukei’ with a Fopp in-store acoustic set. As it stands, it’s the only time i’d witnessed her live performance and I was captivated by it’s atmospheric  subtle feel. Now, standing onstage at the Bodega, we, her audience, are about to witness the ‘real’ Saint Saviour, the constructor of slightly more complex electro-pop.

OneGirlOneBoy – Photo: Simon McMurdo

First up, however, were local duo OneGirlOneBoy who decked the stage out with interesting videos on an array of small TVs – a small touch that added so much to their set. Evidenty fine tuned to match their short set, the videos accompanied Natasha Miller’s immense vocal talents and the breathtaking vocal interplay that she and bandmate Chris Howarth muster up, most effectively on the incredible ‘This One Boy’ and catchy upcoming single ‘If This Is Love’. Wall follow with a slightly more ambient feel to their plucky tunes. The beautiful single ‘Magazine’ rounded off their set wonderfully and showed the fun, summery touch to their intensifying material.

Entering the stage, bathed in a blue light, Becky Jones looks every bit as mysterious as her moniker suggests. Her lilting, soaring voice backed only by an industrial beat and soft strings dominates the glorious track ‘Here In Me’ but soon gives way to the enormous electronic explosion that underlines the show. Current single ‘Tightrope’ is barely recognisable as it’s soft drumming is overtaken by a frantic beat and it sounds all the better for it.

‘This Ain’t No Hymn’ proved it’s anthemic worth as it stood out just as much on the live set as it had on the record, ‘Union’.  As it goes, the most eccentric, upbeat tracks from the record are given a miss tonight – ‘Jennifer’ and ‘The Rain Falls On The Just’, complete with overexcited synths, allow other tracks to take on a electro-transformation, alike ‘Tightrope’. ‘I Call This Home’, again, is enormous and vastly different to the recorded edit but can’t be faulted. It isn’t all blazing dance tunes, however, ‘Mercy’, with a Bat For Lashes-feel to it’s simplicity, brings the tempo down a little, making way for the gorgeous mid-tempo ‘Red Sun’ that finds Becky back on piano duties.

Things drew to a close with a stellar encore of the gorgeous ‘Reasons’ which thrived in the intimacy of the venue, as did the beautiful ‘Horse’ and a magnificent cover of Siouxsie Sioux’s ‘Happy House’ saw a return of the booming bass and crashing electronics before fading out to a crowd begging for even more. Saint Saviour is an enviable talent on record, sure, but on the live scene you’ll experience a woman that unleashes everything she has – every bit of emotion, energy and passion – and it’s result is something very special.

Words & Photos: Simon McMurdo


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