Live Review: Indiana (Rescue Rooms, Nottingham)

Photo: Darren Reynolds

The power of Radio One is a mighty force. It can make you or break you, but it will most definitely frustrate you. Just ask Paloma Faith. One girl that certainly isn’t frustrated with Grimmy and the gang is Indiana. The Nottingham talent is proof, with a wealth of singles already to her name, that Radio One have the power to fire you straight to the top if you give them the right ammo. ‘Solo Dancing’ is her bullet of choice and the success it has garnered has been quite a talking point on the Notts music scene. ‘She’s from Nottingham you know’ has been utter by myself at least a eight times a day for the last two months. Fact. Hashtag proud.

The set tonight at the sizable Rescue Rooms is Indiana’s well-attended hometown show – it’s full of something you’ll need plenty of if you want to be a successful popstar; brilliant pop moments. The delicate chorus of ‘Shadowflash’, interrupted by bursts of brass is one of many unforgettable moments. It boasts a fragility that perfectly suits Indiana’s vocal style – a voice that is equally as confident smashing the high notes as it is giving way to the emotion of the lyrics. ‘Blind As I Am’ is the prime example of it – a staple of her live set already. Backed by minimal keys, the song ends with an acapella rendition of it’s breathtaking hook – without fail, it stuns the audience into silence everytime, tonight included. It isn’t just the magic of a gorgeous ballad though, it’s the way Indiana gives every bit of herself into the delivery – the way she flits from sounding on the verge of tears into a cheeky grin whilst delivering a shy ‘thank you’ to the crowd.

Elsewhere, the set is finely crafted electro – the vibrant ‘New Heart’ and infectious ‘No Romeo’ providing poppier moments, whilst the ambience comes courtesy of the evocative ‘Bound’ and rousing ‘Animal’. ‘Mess Around’ closes the main set in spectacular style – once the ‘Solo Dancing’ hype has ended, it deserves to return to it’s grand finale spot of encore thanks to it’s almost choral layered vocals giving off the most triumphant vibes of the whole evening. But, ofcourse, the show tonight is all about the breakthrough single and ‘Solo Dancing’ soaks up every second of it’s one-song encore, boasting the largest cheer of the night and an enviable sing-a-long segment that most up-and-coming songwriters could only dream of.

It far exceeds hometown support tonight, Indiana has the makings of a huge star. The shy introvert muttering between songs gives way to an impassioned songstress the moment the distorted beats echo through the Rescue Rooms. In the unpredictable music scene of today, there’s a lack of certainty in hailing greatness for a new artist but what can be concretely claimed is that Indiana deserves to be heard, she deserves to be huge and she has taken every step in redeeming the success her talent entitles her to.

Photo: Darren Reynolds
Words: Simon McMurdo


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