Introducing: Yadi

Photo: Jack Davison

In her track, Guillotine, Hannah Yadi claims “I can make you love me” – quite a brave statement to make for a new artist, but it’s certainly proved accurate. Slowly pulling together her debut album, the tracks Yadi (as she is known in the music world) is currently producing are leaving many in awe of her incredible writing talent and anxiously waiting for more material from one of the most promising artists on the pop underground.

Working loosely in the genre of pop with a strong alternative edge, the music harnesses a sense of gothic beauty. Unrestricted by genre, however, the tracks often flit into new territories as the glorious ‘Gold’ brings a dose of euphoric magic with it’s sensational chorus. ‘Sahara Heart’ brings in chugging guitars and addictive drumbeats alongside Yadi’s almost-seething vocals, providing a sense of haunting fury.

If nothing else, check out the stunning ‘Guillotine’, the track which is most likely to keep you hooked. Beautiful, poetic lyrics rife with brilliant imagery float atop a sinister pounding of drums and a resonating piano. A middle eight heavy with layered vocals and an electronic-style breakdown welcomes in the final rendition of the terrific chorus which promises to be stuck in your head for a while.

Hannah’s voice is powerful and full of conviction but she also adds a strong sense of personality by being unafraid to add a sense of fragility to the tracks and the emotional passages are elevated by her impassioned and honest performance.

There is a flurry of elements that encompass the magic of Yadi’s music, be it the hooks that draw you back, the captivating emotions you’re bound to relate to or the haunting yet mesmerizing music, there is a lot to unlock in this style of music. So don’t be afraid of the replay button; with artists like Yadi, it’ll become your best friend. Considering she is just getting started and most of these fantastic tracks are only in demo form, jump on board now and keep up to date with the inevitable masterpieces this girl’s music promises to bring in the near future.


Photo: Jack Davison
Words: Simon McMurdo


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