Introducing: Tiny Dancer

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‘Who Am I’ is the perfect debut single for a singer like Tiny Dancer. Gwen Stefani, Kate Bush, Marina and the Diamonds… the comparisons are easy to toss about but at the core of it all is a singer that defines the word ‘quirky’. Her vocals, like Stefani’s, will inevitably be divisive but on top of the aforementioned single, you can’t imagine anybody else pulling it off. That stands as the first piece of evidence as to why Tiny Dancer is so special. She is setting up her own niche.

Even on the mid-tempo front, she refuses to be predictable. The warm synths, beeping electronics and male backing vocals lift ‘Skies To Blue’ from the generic, decorating what, at the core, is a simple but addictive tune. Her voice, both live and recorded, is the perfect tool for performing the eccentric yelps in ‘Who Am I’ as well as the more downbeat, disenfranchised delivery that is necessary for ‘Skies To Blue’. Throughout her short EP, Tiny Dancer drifts through an array of styles – each one showcasing another bucketload of potential.

A production not dissimilar to tourmates AlunaGeorge gives ‘Bang’ it’s disjointed charm. As it’s title suggests, drums are quite central to it’s instrumental, particularly in the verses that lead into the electro sensibilities of a soaring chorus. The song is complete with an undeniably instant hook boasting ‘we can make it beautiful’ – a statement that highlights the peculiar but enchanting allure of Tiny Dancer. She is a unique experiment to lend your ears to. On paper, it shouldn’t really work but in reality, Tiny Dancer is one of the most promising underground popstars of the moment with a mainstream crossover potential that, given the right push, could be the gateway to enormous success.


Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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