Introducing: The Break Out

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It’s all there in the opening riff of ‘You Wouldn’t Catch Han Solo In A Fucking Call Centre’. Distorted guitars crashing relentlessly before a guttural scream courtesy of Rich Thomas gives way to a celebratory yelp. It’s euphoric, in the strangest way. This type of music gets a lot of criticism and praise for being so pure and gritty, but there’s a massive release in the material that ‘The Break Out’ produce. It’s not just a case of screaming about how things suck, it’s about having a brilliant time doing so.

Thomas’ voice is versatile and it is all exemplified as ‘Han Solo’ continues – a punky excited passion flavours it in the verses before the screams return for a climatic chorus. It all drops down to an almost jazz-inspired break before an undeniably brilliant guitar solo brings us back to the captivating Thomas. Short and sweet, alike most of the songs from their debut up, ‘New Barbarians’, the material cuts straight to the point. It’s DIY and underground and is filtered with a filthy layer of rawness instead of the overproduced touches that ruin bands like themselves.

‘Good News For The Modern Man’ makes it all about the guitars as the opening hook is the most addictive on offer. It’s also the most accessible, despite being the final track on the EP, with it’s middle eight providing a moment for their melodic nature to emerge and stand proud. It gives way to a stunning finale of layered vocals and screams and a crescendo of all the EP had been about – pure passion and rebellion.

It is a fitting end to a promising start from ‘The Break Out’. These boys will not settle for complacency. They embody a lot of what their peers miss out on. The tunes are strong, melodic and still sound like natural, spontaneous bursts of defiance – they retain the muso side of things by staying true to their vision and music but give enough out there to draw listeners in and have hooks that will stick into your brain, helping you remember just why ‘The Break Out’ are worth the listen you should be giving them.


Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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