Introducing: StooShe


Alex, Courtney and Karis hail from London and in three minutes and twelve seconds, their band StooShe will become your new obsession. Splashing a massive dose of urban and pop into a blender and sprinkling on the obligatory swag-factor, StooShe are three girls that take no prisoners when it comes to direct lyrics and dynamite vocals. Taking a leaf out of Jessie J’s book with a hip-hop and pop fusion, topped beautifully with incredible vocal gymnastics, the lungs on these girls bring in a few RnB/Soul influences, with added spunk (sometimes, literally).

What these girls are doing so right is their ignorance to current trends and whilst their influences may be evident, there is an overwhelming sense of freshness to the girls’ sound. A listen to their cover of ‘Hot Stepper’ or the current single ‘Love Me’ shows the girls, refreshingly, without a recycled dance beat behind them. Instead, they take a more organic route with pounding drums and tinkling pianos making way for their entertaining vocal delivery.

With personalities as colourful as their fashion sense, their music is most notably exciting. There is a desperation for fun and thrills seeping out of every lyric and it’s worth checking out their cover of Emeli Sande’s ‘Daddy’ and the acoustic rendition of ‘Betty Woz Gone’ to see just how dedicated these girls are to enjoying every second of their rise to fame.

It isn’t The Saturdays that should be quivering in their boots, but rather Rihanna, as these new girls on the block look set to steal the queen of filth crown from atop her fiery locks. But there is so much more to these girls than a few sexual innuendos; those voices, that knack for writing hit songs and hooks that any pop fanatic would die for; a tiny injection into the mainstream is all it will take for StooShe to be potentially the biggest girlband in recent years.

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Words: Simon McMurdo


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