Introducing: Separation Anxiety


It’s easy to ignore new bands. Bad quality recordings can easily quash any signs of talent and even worse, there’s a lot of haystack to rifle through before you find an artist that is worth the trouble. It’s pleasing then that Nottingham’s Separation Anxiety stand head and shoulders above the mass of young bands as they already harness a selection of well-written, catchy tracks and the passion-fuelled voice of Cassie Durance.

The band channel a type of pop rock with vocal hooks to die for and one of the most honest lyrical outputs you’re likely to hear in the genre. Treading similar ground to bands such as later Kittie and Eyes Set To Kill, their recently released EP ‘A Soundtrack To Self Pity’ provides a variety of stellar tracks that, quite honestly, show more talent and innovation than a lot of the big name bands are producing currently.

It’s worth checking out ‘Ashes to Embers’, an expertly written track that encompasses the spirit of the band. Guitars courtesy of Brendan and Ross thunder throughout the track, making way for a power-metal style keyboard to add a unique touch during the middle eight before the track culminates in a blazing explosion of voices prior to the final rendition of the addictive chorus.

Separation Anxiety provide a sense of excitement for the future; at what the group could easily achieve given a chance or two, but they also retain a lot of dwindling hope in the local music scene. Acts like this are few and far between and are more than worthy of your attention.


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Words: Simon McMurdo


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