Introducing: Saint Raymond

Photo: Spencer Burrows

I first encountered Saint Raymond playing a a support act gig in our hometown of Nottingham. He took to the stage with nothing more than a guitar and managed to entertain the sizable crowd with apparent ease. It sounds like any local support act you’ve experienced, sure,  but Saint Raymond had something very different and entirely necessary – a handful of killer tracks that instantly sound incredible and had the capability of something much bigger than the small venues he is currently frequenting.

It’s simple; focused mainly on Callum Burrows’ vocals and guitar playing, the outcome is extremely effective. The moment ‘Bonfires’ hits it’s hook for the first time, you’ll be humming it for quite some time. It isn’t just a nice, catchy chorus either – these songs drip with raw passion and emotional intensity. What is interesting also, is Burrows’ ability to toss some deep, introverted lyrics on top of a perky, hum-a-long guitar riff (see ‘She Said No’).

The music can be just as sentimental as the theme however, as ‘This Town’ exemplifies with the beauty of the strums beneath it’s thought-provoking lyric – ‘you will never know what it feels like to be alive’. These are words that get you thinking whilst you sing along. Callum brings together the abstract and the tangible beautifully – plenty to get your mind working, but more than enough to keep it occupied with relatability as well. Another juxtaposition that he implements perfectly is the ability to pen a song that feels like it could be a massive success, whilst still feeling like it’s a tune written by a young guy in his bedroom – there is something homely about the music that doesn’t sound pretentious or like it’s trying to be something it isn’t.

Dog is Dead and Jake Bugg are doing massive things for Nottingham’s music scene, but the real saving grace isn’t their chart success, it’s the fact that they shine a brighter light on talent like Saint Raymond and help to get them noticed. You might read his bio and assume he’s like any other young guy strumming a guitar but it will only take a short live set for him to prove that his material is undeniably brilliant and worthy of massive success.


Photo: Spencer Burrows
Words: Simon McMurdo


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