Introducing: Paper Crows

Photo: Charlotte Rutherford

Paper Crows are cool. They sound so effortless, but passionate. They are unique but sound familiar – delicate but hard-hitting. I could probably think of some other juxtapositions but what you’ll really want to know is what they actually sound like, right? Electronic with a touch of ambience and a penchant for addictive piano riffs is a vague idea – essentially, they make beautiful music that might happen to fall into the pop bracket.

There are traces of Kate Havnevik and Imogen Heap in the female vocals, particularly as they dance over quirky pop hooks but they have a feel for the organic instrumentation too – it’s not all synths and keys. If you’re a fan of Kate Bush, you’ll want to head straight to ‘White Noise’ which channels the sonic beauty of ‘Cloudbusting’ thanks to it’s pensive strings and touches of electronic ambience. Opening the track, Emma Panas is able to show off her tender, passionate vocals which, when teamed with Duncan McDougall’s gorgeous male voice, brings in an inimitable and perfectly honed delivery that is certainly worth boasting about. The voice of Paper Crows is neither Panas’ nor McDougall’s though – it’s the almost choral magic that they conjure together that can lift any chorus into the dizzying heights of euphoria.

‘Pieces of Yourself’ and ‘Changing Colours’ have slight touches of Coldplay to them, giving a mammoth arena-ready feel that comes from the twinkling piano hooks and touching trip-hop electronics. It’s a treat to listen to a band that care little about being artsy and mysterious and instead go for enormous choruses and familiar vibes that work together to initiate something unique, something that Paper Crows can call their own.

I have written plenty of introducing articles on The Sonic Reverie and the futures of the artists have varied massively. I have said a few times that I predicted big things and have learnt that, tragically, brilliant music alone will not necessarily get you the rewards you deserve. So this time, I’ll admit that breakthrough success will only come with the right breaks and support – I can rest assured, however, that Paper Crows have one flawless weapon in their possession and that is their astonishing, breathtaking music that deserves to be heard by as big an audience as possible.

Official Site
Soundcloud (Inc. Free Download of ‘White Noise’)

Photo: Charlotte Rutherford
Words: Simon McMurdo


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