Introducing: Lauriefish

Photo: Mirjan Kuijpers

Cast your minds back to the 90s when impassioned women were all the rage. Alanis, Tori and PJ Harvey were ruling the roost and the realness and credibility of an artist was fundamental to their successes. Lauriefish play in that field. A sound that has lost prominence in the auto-tuned culture of radio play, but thankfully for them, remains a sound that will always ring true thanks to it’s soul-baring foundations. It’s time to go back to when music came from instruments and not just computers.

Their debut EP, ‘Epiphany’ takes the usual instrumentation of guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals and manipulates it to envelop Laurie De Jong’s gorgeous vocals and songwriting talent. The semi-acoustic styling is the perfect basis to bring forth the heartfelt lyrics and a performance that, thank God,  never once lets technicalities win over emotion. Every word is meant – see the stunning ‘Old Photographs’ for a lesson in how these lyrics speak to the everyday person – and it can’t be exaggerated enough how beautiful the results are. Harking back to that 90s vibe – Lauriefish feel wonderfully real – not an overproduced money machine, but a genuine band of talented musicians that thrive on their own love of music.

Sounds that so often go underappreciated are given, in this acoustic setting, the opportunity to shine through. Hans De Graaf in particular brings the bass to the fore – it’s bouncy flicks are the highlight of the EP’s opening track ‘Let You Go’ , whilst his playing gives a sultry touch to the chorus of ‘Hold On’. The latter also boasts an addictive intro, courtesy of Laurie and Rens De Vries, that is possibly the most inviting guitar line on the record; it wouldn’t sound out of place in any American TV Drama. They love this kinda stuff.

‘Epiphany’ is an EP that is varied enough to prove just how brilliant Lauriefish are and focused enough to show that they have what it takes to be playing this music game. The fact that the whole thing is DIY blows my mind – imagine these guys and girl with a label backing them. With the money to promote and develop their already enchanting material? The sky is the limit. For now, however, we’re at the beginning of the journey and my aim here is to get you interested in Lauriefish. So let’s summarise; credibility and the relatability of songs like ‘Old Photographs’; the gorgeous songwriting talent that holds it all up (‘when the light hits the earth, her pain subsides’ is just one of many gorgeous lyrics on this debut) and the promise that you’ll leave the EP humming at least one of the hooks. Three good reasons to listen there and three good reasons why I am loving Lauriefish.

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Photo: Mirjan Kuijpers
Words: Simon McMurdo


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