Introducing: Indiana

Photo and Clothing: Some Kind Of Nature

Indiana is the real deal. That is all that needs to be said. I could leave it at that and just force you to listen to her music. In fact, I am going to force you but i’m also going to babble on a bit about why I am forcing you. If you’re short for time then just enjoy this sentiment – Indiana sounds like a pop starlet penning her defining record, but she isn’t. She’s a blossoming talent, fresh from the streets of Nottingham that is actually only just getting started in the music business. The talent levels are full to the brim and as I caught her live for the first time, I felt, for the first time, a genuine belief that I was witnessing an artist that is ready to sell millions worldwide. She is that good.

The vocalist and namesake is undoubtedly the centerpoint of the project. Her raspy voice often breaks and gives way to emotion in all the right places. It’s a rare way of singing, but a style that has worked wonders for Sia and Delilah, both noted for the thunder of emotion that flavour their material. Not concerned with demonstrating deafening high notes, Indiana is much more happy to flirt with a beautiful strain. In every performance, it feels like she is giving everything she has to the song. Indiana’s voice doesn’t have to be on the brink of tears to muster up a response either, as her silky smooth delivery in the cunning ‘Mess Around’ proves. It is a pleasure to listen to, relaxing without ever being boring, and is one of those distinctive talents that could lift any sub-par song to a higher standard.

The songs aren’t sub-par though. In fact, they’re anything but. ‘Smoking Gun’ exemplifies just why it was chosen as a single with it’s addictive chorus and the tense build up throughout the verses. ‘Blind As I Am’ sees her smart enough to know that her own immersive voice is enough to conjure the atmosphere the song craved, helped along only by minimal electronics. ‘Animal’ is arguably more experimental and proves haunting with its expertly crafted backing vocals that end up being a highlight of the composition. Early in her career, she is presenting a brilliance in her writing as well as her voice.

Though she’s dealing in ambient electro at the moment, Indiana has a bright future. Most artists can write and perform a decent song within their genre but this voice will lend itself to anything – future experimentation beckons and will see her have a web of paths to explore. Not only is she standing here with a stunning set of crafted tunes, she’s promising an incredible future. Shaping songs, delivering them with an effortless passion and setting her sights higher and higher – Indiana won’t be on the underground Nottingham circuit for much longer so I implore you to enjoy the birth of one of the city’s brightest stars whilst you still can.

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Photo: Some Kind Of Nature
Words: Simon McMurdo


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