Introducing: Feryl

Photo: James Ashman

It’s always incredible to hear new talent producing some incredible tunes but when you listen to an artist who seems to have the sound of an expert producer, prised from a pretty low budget; you can truly see the dedication and talent of the artist in question. That is exactly what is evident in Feryl’s euphoric synth-heavy frolics and it is also the reason you should give him a listen.

‘Let Your Hair Down’ has one of the most addictive choruses this side of RedOne. Musically, the track could easily have been lifted from the latest Madonna album; sitting comfortably between dance and pop. Managing to stick relatable lyrics (‘I know you’ve had a hard week, so let your hair down’) next to a healthy dose of glamour we’ve come to expect from those frequenting the pop world (‘Step outside, your chauffeurs waiting’), the track manages to tick the escapism box without being too ridiculous and always being sure to keep one foot firmly in reality.

Feryl is more than capable of pulling out the vocal dramatics too. Switching from the chatty, recognisable boy-next-door to a passionate suppressed dancer, his delivery remains the core of the track. An invigorating mix of excitement and desperation, there’s plenty in this man’s music that cries out for club attention and just as much calling out for some airplay on the radio too.

The message of empowerment and self acceptance is all well and good but the real charm of Feryl’s music is his care-free attitude that harks back to the fun of 90s pop; check out his videos and make yourself aware that this is an artist that doesn’t take himself too seriously and that, we can agree, is refreshing. The tracks are subtle and accessible but once you’re in Feryl’s world, the hooks won’t let you get out again.


Photo: James Ashman
Words: Simon McMurdo


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