Introducing: Dreambleed

Photo: Μαρια Γκιωνη

Greece’s Dreambleed are an underground band making quite a few waves in their homeland. Targeting the melodic rock scene, they lay their foundations on orchestral backdrops topped with chugging riffs and the sensational voice of Manolis. In addition to this, the most exciting aspect of the bands music is that it is topped with a mainstream edge that allows you to realise that Dreambleed are on the verge of a massive level of success.

The single ‘Underneath My Mask’ provides an insight into the softer side of the band, with a glorious, catchy chorus that emphasizes the fact that Manolis stands as one of the most talented male vocalists to emerge in a long time. The massive crescendo that the song leads towards is certainly no disappointment either as the band play majestically atop the beautiful piano hook.

The band prove that they are able to hoist the metal flag high as is evident on the live tracks recorded on YouTube, conjuring a sound not too dissimilar from Kamelot. Dreambleed may only just be beginning their foray into the metal world, but leap on board as soon as possible so you can see this young band grow into, potentially, one of the leaders of the genre.

Certainly one to watch.

‘Underneath My Mask’ Video 

Photo: Μαρια Γκιωνη
Words: Simon McMurdo


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